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The other day I was talking with a client about the pinewood derby.
This is where kiddos (typically in Boy Scouts) build their own wooden cars... design them... paint them... and race them against other kids. Growing up, I loved competing it in. All my friends crafted and schemed their car a little bit differently. And each went to different lengths to win.
(Sometimes the parents got a tad more involved than the kids even!)
But there's a lesson embedded in this competition that can be carried over into other areas as well. You see, the pinewood derby is a game of slight edges.
Here's what I mean:
To compete the cars must be a certain weight and cannot exceed a certain size. Besides that, everyone is starting with the same raw materials. But there are little tweaks you can make to your car that adds up to a monstrous advantage.
These include: only have three wheels touching the track (decreases friction)... making the back of the car heavier than the front (boosts potential energy)... and rolling the wheels in graphite (decrease friction)...
Phew... I think that's enough physics for one day.
Here's how this applies:
High-performance and being at your best each day is a game of slight edges too.
Everyone is faced with the same decisions each day. But there are tons of little tweaks you can make that add up and allow you to be at your absolute best.
These include: how you start your day... how you plan your day... how you manage your to-do list... how long you work for... how often you take breaks... how you confront others... whether you multi-task or solo-task... how much time you devote to problems... how much time you devote to solutions... how much time you devote to fun... how much time you devote to relaxation... how much time you devote to meaningful projects... how much time you devote to distractions... how much time you devote to connecting to others... what you do before bed... how much you sleep...
Those are just the tip of the iceberg. But there's a lot to work to with in that just simple list.
Each one of those "tweaks" can make to bring out more confidence... more focus... more productivity... and more fulfillment. But only you know which "tweak" is most appropriate for you.
Pick the one that will make the biggest difference.
And take the first step forward.
Even if it's a tiny one.


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