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Just as if you were preparing to create a delicious meal or dessert, so goes the way of preparing to market your chiropractic practice.
Gathering all of the right ingredients, in this case researching and compiling data for your chiropractic marketing plan, creating and setting marketing schedules and goals; making a list of what you will need to prepare your marketing menu.
Pretty much anyone can go and throw something together in the kitchen, but is that how you want to approach your chiropractic marketing? Just throw something together haphazardly? Or does a well planned out menu sound more appealing, with emphasis placed on catering to those who have a well honed sense of taste and the need of your services?
Process is important, but outcome is decisive don't you think?
Flavor is a key in cooking and even in marketing. No one wants to same old bland advertising and marketing staring them in the face every month. Shake things up a bit; adding some seasoned content and sage wisdom will beef up any type of marketing. If variety is the spice of life then it is probably the best type of seasoning for marketing; a dash of advertising, a pinch of article writing or blogging, a sprinkle of direct mailings, just blend and don't over stir.
Texture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning out a marketing menu but just as a dry piece of cake or pot roast is tasteless, so will be all of your attempts to reach your targeted audience if you over cook or run off and forget your marketing, leaving it to sit on the back burner. To give your marketing a rich texture, try various additives such as re-activation mailings, thank you letters and encourage referrals from your patients. Don't beat your patients over their heads trying to elicit family and friends addresses and phone numbers, but gently blend those suggestions into the conversation. Listen for key words when they speak to you or your staff. Do the words; "my family member "or "my co-worker" come up more than once in the time frame of an appointment? If so, have a referral system in place and offer to equip your patient with some contact information from your practice.
Presentation is essential in food preparation, but it is equally important if not more in marketing. That first impression will leave its mark in the mind's eye and no matter how hard you might try to refresh of change the initial impression it just can't be undone. Many times an appetite is killed after seeing something that wasn't pleasing at first glance. Making something look appealing to all types of people is not an easy task. So prepare your marketing wisely; if looking to engage a person who needs your services, then present your service as if you prepared it special for those who need it. For chiropractic marketing, that can cover various age groups and both genders; therefore go for the heart of the issue; health and lifestyle. Chiropractic marketing should present the doctor as being concerned and empathetic towards a person's quality of health and their quality of a daily living. If those two areas are being affected by pain then you just made your point and brought the focus towards your practice and the benefits of chiropractic. Another thing to consider is what your new patients see when they first walk into your office. How does your waiting room look, is it clean and free of clutter? Is it comfortable, easy to get in and out of? What about your staff; are the dressed professionally, well-groomed, pleasant and knowledgeable?
Last we look at taking the lid off of leftovers...are you a keeper or do you toss them out?
Leftover marketing materials tried in the past can be used again. Things that were great the first time can also be great again but just like leftovers, you will need to warm it up and add some extra ingredients to give it a fresh look; this always looks better and will do in a pinch. However, just like something leftover too long can grow rancid and moldy, so can the marketing used ten years ago. You will just have to be your own judge on that and proceed with caution.
Go light on garnishing and dig in.
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